About Tramunquiero

Tramunquiero is a provider of sports in Berlin and on Majorca that help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tramunquiero was founded in Berlin on 5 February 2016. The CEO and founder is Sarah Böttger. Born in Berlin, she lived and studied in Paderborn. When she came to the village of Deià in the mountain range of Tramuntana, she was breathtaken by the landscape. Hence, why the company is named Tramunquiero, after Tramuntana. Tramunquiero means „I love Tramuntana“.


Thanks for Collaborating:

Management ConsultancyAKR Consult
TranslationLewis Eickholt, Sarah Böttger
Kids Yoga DesignLisa Schulte, SQUIRREL GRAPHICS UG
Design of the Travel DescriptionFalk Duwe
Support CodingHannah, Ben & Kevin
Managing DirectorSarah Böttger, e-mail: sarah@tramunquiero.com


Sarah Böttger at Sunset on the walls of the monastery on the hill Puig de Maria in Pollença on Majorca.

Tramunquiero Logo in Gold

There is no path to happiness.
Happiness is the path.