GESUNDHEIT || Success: “I Can’t Take This Shit No More”

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What is the secret of success?

To fulfil your dreams, you need courage. You need to be brave. You need to dream big, steadily do what you love, concentrate on yourself, stand up for your freedom, love yourself, believe: not only in yourself, also in others. Go with love. Get high by what you achieve and then keep on doing what you love. Be giant.


Believe that you deserve the best and go get the best!

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Go on cry. Cry the hell out of yourself and most importantly; break through to cry about yourself.

Life does not break you; people are trying to break you. Stop thinking about these people. Begin thinking about yourself. Concentrate on yourself.


Again cry. You are maybe losing people you love in life by death. You won’t lose anything. You will discover. Discover love. You will bring to light the people who love and loved you and you will free yourself about the people who don’t. That is not losing. That’s gaining. Be thankful.

You’re not losing anything man; you’re winning by everything you dump off on that way to finally gain your freedom.


There is a difference between love and rivalry

Who are these people? These people who are willing and trying to break you, are the people who do not love you. These people are rivals trying to bring you to become the best version of yourself. What do you want to succeed? If it is love; man, you must go with love.

Concentrate on yourself, be grateful

Believe it or not; You’ve never been bullied. You just felt inadequate. If you feel bullied, it is just the lack in your self-esteem you are feeling. Find out what that lack is. If you are fine with yourself, you will never ever feel bullied again. Be careful with these people who trigger these feelings in you and be grateful for them. If you open your mind and concentrate on yourself, you will learn from these situations. Get away from these sick situations and sick people who make you feel sick, inadequate, dissatisfied. Protect yourself and get the hell out of these situations. Instead: GO GET THE BEST!


Jump out of that train and enter the free land. Don’t bemoan with the shit that is going to reveal after you jumped. I promise you: If you jumped, the shit that is going to come over you, is just letting go and clear out the shit that was going to happen to you your whole life. Believe that this shit is what you need to learn to achieve your goals and to become a free man. Enjoy and love life.

This shit has been written by Sarah Böttger.

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