How to Successfully Defend Bullying

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1. What is bullying?

How to Successfully Defend Bullying

Bullying is a term derived from the word mob, according to which individual persons in social groups are excluded, harassed and terrorized. In contrast to normal clashes and strife, bullying is psychological violence that attacks the dignity of the victim. Bullying is directed against the person’s self-esteem with the aim of weakening him or her in his or her position. It is a process of systematic exclusion and humiliation, which is systematically and deliberately operated by one or more persons. The author, Maire-France Hirigoyens, defines bullying as a gameplay in which the perpetrator plays out his or her alleged superiority and uses all means to get power over their victim and to conceal the perpetrators’ own deficits. Bullying is about destabilizing the victim, of letting him or herself and others doubt, so that it is more likely that the environment will not interfere. According to Maire-France Hirigoyens, people who bully see a rival in their victim, who has to be destroyed. The author reveals perpetrators as people who are pleased to expose the sore point of their victim, trying to destroy their identity. Fighting against bullying is difficult for most people, as bullying is often very subtle. Evidence is difficult and moreover, bullying is a collective phenomenon. The perpetrator runs populism and seeks sympathizers. Under no circumstances should you give up. There are numerous ways to successfully fight against bullying. Do not be put off! In any case, you must act against the bullying.