The seal of quality Sports for Health

The DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) has developed the seal of quality Sports for Health, in collaboration with the German Federal Chamber of Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer). It distinguishes the quality of preventive sports offers in sports clubs. In these sports courses, coaches need to fulfill certain criteria due to the seal of quality. For example, a maximum of 15 participants per course, to ensure the best possible training. Health insurance companies support participants in Sports for Health courses by refunding the course fees up to 80%. Even doctors can recommend Sports for Health courses and prescribe exercises. This prescription was developed by the DOSB in cooperation with the German Federal Chamber of Medical Association and the German Association for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP). The seal of quality Sports for Health and the prescription for exercise are an important advance for the nationwide health promotion in Germany. Thus, in almost every village in Germany, organised sports help to maintain and promote health, with the support of health insurance companies.