9. Etappe GR 221

Lluc (Refugi de Son Amer) – Pollença (Refugi del Pont Romà)

Pont Romà buchen unter:


Weitere Infos zu allen Hütten in der Tramuntana findest du hier.


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  1. Paulien Claus
    | Antworten

    Hellooo Sara!!

    Thanks again for saving our lives during stages 9 of the GR221. 🙌🏻🤩

    We met Sara in the Muleta refugi. During the last stage we saw her again at the beginning of the stage. (Smart) Sara was going to the bus stop to take the bus to Pollenca because it would rain heavily. In the end we convinced her to join us because ‘the worst that could happen was that we get wet’. Jokes on us… Once it started raining, the road immediately turned into a river, the wind got very heavy and the views were suddenly gone. Sara decided it was too dangerous and said we had to go back to a house that we passed next to the GR221 one kilometer away. In the footsteps of Sara we went back to that house. Sooo happy once we were inside and safe!!

    Happy we have met Sara, but wondering whether she thinks the same about it. 😅 Luckily she told us she likes adventures, and we gave her a very good one. 🥴😄

    Until we meet again!

    The Belgian girls,
    Emma and Paulien

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